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Why Mawra Hussain is crazy about cricket?

Generally, Pakistani girls stay away from the world of cricket. But actress Mawra Hussain has warned her fans that she is obsessed with cricket. And as the world cup approaches, she also watches the matches regularly.

Why Mawra Hussain is crazy about cricket?

Mawra Hussain said that men should stop thinking that girls do not know anything about cricket. Such people should remember that women know everything about cricket.

Why Mawra Hussain is crazy about cricket?

While launching her YouTube channel, the actress uploaded the first video on it which went viral in very short time. In which she revealed many things about herself.

Why Mawra Hussain is crazy about cricket?

Immediately after Mawra’s YouTube channel was launched, thousands of people subscribed to it. While thousands of people also watched her first video.


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In which she said that she was attacked by dogs. When she was seven years old. Because of this she afraid from dogs for many years. But now she is not afraid of dogs and recently they started raising a dog.

The actress said that, she also likes cats very much. While her best achievement till date is buying her own house on her behalf.

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She has access to several languages ​​and understands Sindhi and Pashto completely. But Sindhi is little difficult for her to speak. While she spoke Pashto, Punjabi, Urdu and English fluently.

Mawra Hussain also revealed that she got always highest marks in the Urdu subject.

In response to a question, she said that people should never be disappointed. when they fail or don’t get an opportunity. Because sometimes other ways open up for him only by not getting the opportunity.

She gave an example that she wanted to study in Army Medical College. But she did not get admission there, due to which she was severely traumatized at the age of seventeen. But if this was not the case, she would not have become an actress.

Mawra said that she became an actress only after not getting admission in Army Medical College. And started working at a very young age.

In the video, Mawra said that she has an obsessive love for cricket. She know the names of not only their national cricket team. But also the players of foreign teams.

She knows a lot about sports. At the same time, she gave a message to the world to stop thinking that girls do not know anything about cricket.

Mawra Hussain said that as the world cup is approaching, girls are getting to know everything about cricket. And they have full knowledge about the game anyway. Therefore, it is wrong to think that girls do not know anything about cricket.

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