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Varun Dhawan shares health update after Vestibular Hypofunction diagnosis

Indian actor Varun Dhawan has suffered from a fatal neurological disease due to the pressure of work in films. According to him, excessive work and obsession with acting has brought him to this situation today. In an interview given to the Indian media, Varun Dhawan revealed that due to overworking in the previous film, he developed a fatal nerve disease.

Which has put them under a lot of mental stress. Varun Dhawan said that after the Corona epidemic, he has started feeling a lot of mental pressure regarding his films. The actor worked hard for his previous film Jug Jug Jeeyo, it felt like I was fighting an election, I don’t know why I took so much pressure for the film.

The Indian actor said that we are all in a race, I think everyone has a purpose in life and that is the reason why we are working hard. I am finding my purpose in life and I hope that others will find their purpose at some point.

In his recent tweet, Varandhavan thanked the fans for the love and said that he is now feeling better. He is doing physical exercise and also participating in various activities due to which they are recovering now.

Vestibular hypofunction is a type of disorder that occurs in the inner part of the ear. In fact, a nervous system in the human body maintains the balance of the ears, eyes, and muscles. If someone gets this disorder, there is a problem in conveying the message to the brain of the patient, it also affects the mental health.

It should be remembered that Varun Dhawan’s Bhediya movie is going to be released on November 25. In this movie, he is shown as a superhuman with wolf-like features.

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