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The sequel of the Hollywood film Avatar became a hit as soon as it was released

The sequel of the Hollywood film Avatar became a hit as soon as it was released

The sequel of the Hollywood film Avatar, which set the record for earning worldwide for ten years. The way of water, has created a sensation as soon as it was released all over the world, including Pakistan, on December 16.

Avatar The way of water was released in many countries with translations and the first shows of the film were full cinemas. The film shows a fantasy world and a world of seas in forests. The charm of which captures the fans.

In this film, the characters from the previous film are seen struggling to save their family and are shown living underwater and riding on marine life.

In addition to the characters of the previous film. New characters have also been added in the way of water. Actress Kate Winslet is also included in the cast of the film. This film was earlier announced to be released in 2020. But after the Corona epidemic, its release was postponed.

The shooting of the film continued for several years in other regions of the world including Europe, Africa and New Zealand. James has used modern and unique technology like the previous film this time too.

After the second film of the series, the third film will also be released. Because the filmmakers have already announced to make a trilogy series of Avatar. James had said in 2018 that at least five films of Avatar series will be made which will move forward like a family.


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The filmmaker had said that the story of each film of Avatar will start from where the story of the first film ends. After the sequel film, Avatar 3 is likely to be released by 2024, Avatar 4 by 2026 and Avatar 5 by 2028.

James released Avatar in 2009. Which, while creating new records of worldwide earnings. Left behind his 1999 film Titanic in earnings.

Avatar remained the highest grossing film in the world till half of its release i.e. till 2019. After that earning record was broken by Avengers Endgame.

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