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The drama serial ‘Siyani’ has made a home in the hearts of the citizens

The story of every house in a single drama, the private TV drama serial Siyani has made a home in the hearts of the citizens.

Actress Anmol Baloch is under severe criticism due to her negative role in Siyani. But some people are describing his character as the best.

The drama revolves around such a poor girl. Who is married in the richest family. But instead of thanking God, she always looks unhappy.

Anmol Baloch is playing the role of Kiran. Who is married to Mohsin Abbas. However, she becomes an enemy of the happiness of the house.

A traditional story in which a mother encourages her daughter to harass her in-laws. And now social media users are waiting for the end of this drama after ninety-seven episodes.

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