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Sonya Hussyn threat to Urwa Hocane worked

After actress Sonya Hussyn sent a notice of five million rupees to Urwa Hocane, the producer of Tich Button, for not providing compensation. Urwa has started talking to Sonia Hussain to end the problem. Sonya had told a few days ago that she had sent a legal notice to Urwa Hussain for Rs 5 Million.

Sonya Hussyn threat to Urwa Hocane worked

According to the actress, two years have passed since the shooting of the film was completed, but she has not been paid yet. Due to which she has been suffering from mental problems. In the notes sent to her, Urwa was asked to reply within fourteen days, otherwise a claim of five Million rupees will be filed against her.

After the notes were sent by actress Sonya Hussyn, Urwa expressed her ignorance on the notes being sent by Sonya in a show and said that she is sure that Sonia has misunderstood something.

Sonya Hussyn threat to Urwa Hocane worked

When the host asked Urwa Hocane about Sonia’s notes. She said that she has no knowledge about any such matter and that she is sure that Sonya Hussyn must have had some misunderstanding. Urwa had admitted that the film took a long time to make and that they was suffering from problems. But she did not say that she delayed paying Sonya’s compensation.

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Urwa Hocane had said that Pakistani showbiz industry is very small, so why would they create differences among themselves. Any misunderstanding between them will be removed by themselves. Now Sonya Hussyn has told that after sending the notes on her behalf, Urwa has started talking to her.

Sonya Hussyn threat to Urwa Hocane worked

While talking on the TV show, Sonya Hussyn said that she sent notes to Urwa Hocane because she had signed an agreement with her. She said that when the contract was signed with her to work in the film, only Urwa was the producer and she signed the contract.

Therefore, she sent notes only to her name. In response to a question, she claimed that for two years before the notes were sent, she talked to Farhan Saeed and other people about getting her compensation, but to no avail.

Sonya Hussyn threat to Urwa Hocane worked

Sonya Hussyn threat to Urwa Hocane worked

According to Sonya Hussain, she asked for her money and not committed any crime. This was the only way left for her which was also legal. And now seeing them, other artists will also take the legal way for their compensation.

The actress said that she did not participate in the promotion of the film Tich Button due to non-payment. But she have no confirmed information in this regard. She has made it clear that the main reason for not participating in the promotion of Tich Button is that she is not being compensated. While the other reason is the lack of chemistry with some people in the film.

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