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Sonya Hussyn takes legal action against Urwa Hocane

Famous actress Sonya Hussyn accused Urwa Hocane, the producer of her upcoming film Touch Button. She accused due to not paying the film’s compensation. She sent notes of five million damages. In the damages notes, Sonya said that there was an agreement between Urwa and her that the compensation would be paid as soon as the shooting was over.

Sonya Hussyn takes legal action against Urwa Hocane

But it didn’t happen. It has been mentioned in the notes that Sonya Hussyn had completed the shooting of the film between February and June 2020. But they were not compensated. In the notes sent to Urwa Hocane, it is claimed that Sonya Hussyn repeatedly reminded the producer to get compensation and kept asking for money.

But no proper answer was given to her. It is stated in the notes that after a long delay. Urwa had sent a check of only five lakh rupees in the middle of this year. That was part of the compensation. That is why Sonya sent that check back to the producer.

In the notes, it is further said that Sonya had to face problems due to Urwa Hocane’s behavior. She became emotionally vulnerable and was embarrassed to ask for her own money. So now producer Urwa Hocane should pay fifty lakh rupees as damages to actress Sonya Hussyn.

According to the notes, Urwa should respond to Sonya Hussyn’s legal notes in the next fourteen days. Otherwise, a case for damages will be filed against them in the court.

Sonya Hussyn takes legal action against Urwa Hocane

Sonya Hussyn takes legal action against Urwa Hocane

In the notes, it is also said that Sonya Hussyn has given instructions to her team that if Urwa Hocane does not give any answer within fourteen days. First information will be filed against her under section 1860 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). A report should also be filed which is fraudulent provisions.

An attempt was made to contact Urwa regarding Sonya Hussyn’s notes. But the actress could not be contacted. Sonya has filed a case against the producer of the film at such a time. While releasing the trailer of the film recently, it was announced that it will be released in November next month.

Apart from Sonya Hussyn, Iman Ali, Farhan Saeed and Feroze Khan have played lead roles in Tich Button. It should be remembered that this is Urwa Hocane’s first film as a producer, while Farhan Saeed is also the co-producer of the film.


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This film was delayed for two consecutive years due to various reasons. But now a new controversy has emerged even before its release. Due to which the release of the film has been delayed. However, it is premature to say anything in this regard.

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