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Shah Rukh Khan released the poster of his new movie “Pathan”

The new poster of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Pathaan has been released. Shah Rukh Khan has shared the poster of his new film on Twitter.

Shah Rukh Khan wrote that if the belt is tied, let’s go. Fifty-five days are left for Pathan’s arrival. Along with Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham and Deepika Padukone are also seen posting action in the poster of Pathaan.

While Shah Rukh Khan can be seen holding a pistol in his hand, with big hair and light beard. Before this, Shahrukh Khan had released the poster of his film Pathan on June 25th as well. While Shah Rukh Khan had released the teaser of Pathan on his birthday i.e. November 2.

On the other hand, Shahrukh Khan has also given the news through his tweet that he is shooting his new film Dunki in Saudi Arabia. In 2023, Shah Rukh Khan will release a new film after a gap of four years.

Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan will be released next year, which will hit the theaters on January 25. After Pathan, Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jawaan will be released on June 2. After that, Dunki will be released on December 22.

It should be noted that the Bollywood star is currently shooting for his film in Saudi Arabia. Where he has taken advantage of the opportunity and achieved the happiness of Umrah. Pictures of Shah Rukh Khan in Ihram while performing Umrah are going viral on social media.

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