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Sana Fakhar gave interesting advice to girls regarding marriage

Sana Fakhar gave interesting advice to girls regarding marriage

Describing men as untrustworthy, actress Sana Fakhar has suggested to women that instead of crying in Gujranwala after marrying a poor man. Prefer to marry a rich man and cry in Paris.

In her message on social media, Sana addressed the women and said that no man can be trusted. Therefore, marrying only rich men is beneficial in life.

It should be noted that Sana Fakhar, a well-known actress of Pakistan film industry, got divorced recently. It should be noted that Sana had separated from her ex-husband after fourteen years of marriage.

Sana informed fans of her separation from her husband through an Instagram story, writing that breakup hurts but sometimes it becomes necessary to end a relationship to save yourself from breaking up.

She wrote that with great respect I and Fakhar have decided to separate our ways after many years of marriage. This is a sad moment but I believe that Allah has decided something better for both of us. In the end, she expressed her best wishes for her husband Fakhar.

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Actress Sana Fakhar said that after the divorce, I have learned that I am not a steel woman. She says what can I say on this topic but I have chosen to make the rest of my life the best.

She further said that I think people have got so much courage now that they take big decisions for their own happiness. And with what they do not save, they leave.

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