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Sajal Ali At Red Sea Festival With Jemima Goldsmith

Sajal Ali worked in the international movie What’s Love Got to Do with It. Sajal Ali’s acting in this movie was also admired worldwide. Recently, Sajal Ali’s film was nominated in the International Red Sea Festival. Where Sajal Ali was also invited.

Sajal Ali made an entry in a very beautiful style by wearing a white dress. Sajal Ali has played the central role of Jemima Goldsmith. Recently, when Sajal Ali was seen in a white color dress at the Red Sea Festival, everyone was quite surprised.

Sajal Ali looked like a doll in this dress. Apart from this, along with Sajal Ali, actor Shekhar especially praised Sajal Ali during his speech.

He said that seeing Sajal Ali for the first time, everyone gets extremely impressed. Sajal Ali was given a lot of respect in this dress. Sajal Ali presented the name of Pakistan in a very good way.

After that, let’s talk about Sajal Ali and Jemima Goldsmith’s relationship. There was a lot of news about Sajal Ali’s marriage with Imran Khan’s elder son.


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Because Sajal Ali was seen with him in the last festival. Although Sajal Ali has a good bonding with both sons of Imran Khan. During the production of this film. Sajal Ali also became very good friends with him.

They spend a lot of time with each other but there is a big difference in their ages. The engagement of Sajal Ali and Imran Khan’s son or any news about them are fake.

Apart from this, Jemima Goldsmith also likes Sajal Ali a lot as an actor. She especially praises Sajal Ali in every speech.

No doubt, first Sajal Ali presented Pakistan in a very good way in the film fare festival 2022 and now in Red Sea festival. Due to Sajal Ali, Pakistani drama and film industry is also getting a lot of development.

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