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Saba Faisal admitted the mistake of bringing the domestic dispute to social media

Saba Faisal admitted the mistake of bringing the domestic dispute to social media

Well-known TV actress Saba Faisal has admitted that she made a mistake by bringing her domestic dispute on social media. She should not have released the video message regarding her son and daughter-in-law.

It should be remembered that Saba had expressed her indifference to her daughter-in-law and son while making serious allegations on December 8. She had made it clear that now she and her family have no relation with her son Salman.

Saba Faisal made serious allegations against her daughter-in-law Neha Malik and said that the house where a woman like Neha goes becomes hell. Later, she also shared another video on Instagram in which he appealed to the public not to speak wrongly about her daughter-in-law and her.

Saba Faisal said that she did not describe her sorrow and pain for four years and paid the price of her fame and honor. After that, on December 10, she deleted both the videos. Her son Salman Faisal also asked people not to comment on his personal life. He said that his mother is also his and his wife is also his.

But now Saba Faisal admitted her mistake and said that she should not have posted the video of personal problems on social media.

The actress said in an interview that children make mistakes but parents should forgive their mistakes. And no one should ever bring their domestic problems on social media.

Saba said that when they say the truth, anger is forbidden. She made a mistake by getting angry at that time. But she now admits this mistake and reiterated her commitment that she will not upload videos of her domestic problems on social media in future.

Saba spoke openly about family life and the importance of family and blood relations. Saba Faisal said that the way she was loved by her parents, her children respect her more than she respected them and they are so dear to her.

In response to a question, Saba Faisal said that she herself had married hr son Salman according to her choice. And she herself married hr daughter-in-law. And she is living a happy life with her son.

But the actress said that when the family grows, the love also gets divided. There is no doubt that it is the wife who makes the husband successful and also makes him fail. But they don’t know how much and how much their son and daughter-in-law advise each other. Whether their sons follow their wife’s advice or not.

However, she said that clapping is always saved with two hands. Saba Faisal also talked about the similarities between the characters played in her plays and real life. She further said that she has been playing the role of bad mother-in-law in the plays. So people consider her to be the same in real life as well.

Actor Saba Faisal also danced on the popular song “Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja”

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