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Pakistani films created a sensation in India

JJ Kar of Pakistani artists in India. Pakistani artists performed at the Indus Valley International Film Festival. Four Pakistanis, including actresses Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar, won top awards.

In Chandigarh, India’s first borderless film festival, Indus Valley International, fifty films from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal were also screened.

According to Indian media, Pakistani films Zindagi Tamasha, Kamali and Prince Charming were also presented during the film festival and all three films won four highest awards in the film festival.

In the festival, Saba Qamar was awarded the best actress for her brilliant performance in Kamli, while Arif Hasan was given the best actor award for playing a great role in Zindag Tamasha.

During the festival, Sarmad Kausar was awarded the best film maker award for directing Zindag Tamasha. While Mahira Khan was given a special award for acting in the short film Prince Charming. The most and most important awards in the festival were given to Pakistani actors and directors.

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