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Imran Ashraf caught Shaniera Akram criticism

Imran Ashraf caught Shaniera Akram criticism

After Shaniera Akram’s criticism, actor Imran Ashraf’s response was also sharp. Recently, actor Imran Ashraf separated from his wife. After which he used to visit his son Rohan often. Yesterday, he shared a picture while driving with his son. In which he was not wearing a seat belt.

Shaniera Akram, the wife of Pakistan’s former cricketer Wasim Akram criticized him and said that Feroze Khan people are now copying you. This is wrong and the lives of young children are at risk. After which now Imran Ashraf has shared a video answering them too.

In which he said that our sister-in-law who has come from a foreign country. It is a great honor for us. And they are related to this person. Who is the biggest star of this country, yes he is a captain, he is a captain of Pakistan, he has won us many matches, he has given a big name to our country and we are his claimants.


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He further said that this video of mine on which only one heart is made and that is with my son. Linked this with his ongoing controversy. Is there anything written on this video? Has anyone tagged that video? Or have I told you that you are talking wrong? I am laughing but slander is also a big thing.

Feroze Khan once again under criticism that too from Shaniera Akram

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