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How did Facebook change the life of actress Anmol Baloch?

Actress Anmol Baloch, who became the center of public attention with the drama serial Sayani, had a passion for acting since childhood. But her acting training was zero. Because she belonged to a village. However, to fulfill her heart’s desire, she wrote herself as an actress on her Facebook profile and also posted some selfies.

But a few days later, when Anmol got a call from director Mohsin Mirza for acting, she was shocked. Anmol said that she did not get acting training and never participated in college plays.

After that director Mohsin Mirza called me and said that a project of mine is going on. It has a character and I think you can do it. I thought, I don’t know who is kidding. I saw his profile again, he had done a lot of good projects. I asked my mother and she said no, what happened to you?

Anmol Baloch says that despite her mother’s opposition. She contacted Mohsin Mirza and asked where to come. To which the answer was that come home.

She was a little nervous because she should have called the office for the shoot. On this, Mohsin Mirza said, “Beata, the shooting is also done in my house. And for the script reading of the project you should come here.”

After that I took my mother and went to his house. It just started from there and he gave me a role. After that I serialized Irfan Aslam’s drama Kambakht Tanno. Here He gave me a small role in it. I became Nosheen’s friend in this drama.

Anmol Baloch further said that she also faced criticism. But she did not give up. She says that when she started working, she was scolded by many directors and also heard that just by having good looks, one does not become an actor. Acting is also important for an actor. It will not happen to you. I used to go and cry and come home and say that I don’t want to do this work, I will not go.

But the next day I got ready and went to the shoot saying that no matter what, I will do well today. Today I will not be scolded. By doing this, I learned in the end.

Regarding her role in the drama Sayani. Anmol said that earlier I had refused to do this role. But when she later read the script and saw Karan’s tricks, she agreed to do it.

Because I had not done such a role yet. When I worked, people appreciated me a lot, otherwise I thought that people would hate playing a negative role.

Mohsin Abbas Haider is playing the lead role with Anmol Baloch. He was accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife. Anmol says that she never felt insecure about this issue. Because Mohsin knows how to respect women. And I enjoyed working with him.

Anmoal Baloch Family

Anmol Baloch’s family belongs to the rural area of ​​Sindh. According to her, the facility of electricity and gas has also reached there now. However, the use of TV and Internet is not common. According to Anmol, her father is not alive, but hr mother watches plays.

Anmol said that when the teasers of the drama Siyani came. Mom was very angry after seeing and scolded me that why have you become such a wrong girl? No one will marry you now. Because they will think that you’re a greedy girl.

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