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Feroze Khan’s sisters Humima and Dua are also under criticism

The criticism of Feroze Khan has reached Humaima Malick and Dua Malik. Actress and model Sonia Mishal have criticized Humaima Malick and Dua Malik for not supporting Aliza Sultan on violence.

Sonia Mishal called actresses Humima Malick and Dua Malik insensitive. Here we will tell you that Humima Malick and Dua Malik are sisters of Feroze Khan. Whose openly talked about violence against other women in the past.

Actor Feroze Khan is accused of torturing his ex-wife Aliza Sultan several times, which left marks on her body. When the pictures of Aliza’s torture came out, many showbiz personalities supported him and demanded a ban on Feroze Khan.

Not only this, but actress Iqra Aziz also refused to do more projects with Feroze Khan. Now Mashal and Faiza instead of Feroze, took her sisters Humaima Malick and Dua Malik with bare hands and called them insensible.

In her story, Sonia Mishal took Humima and Dua along with their mother as well. And wrote that they must have seen her sister-in-law and daughter-in-law being oppressed. But did not say anything for her.

Sonia Mashal also expressed her thought as to why women do not help other women. She also criticized Feroze Khan for being religious. And wrote that he could not believe that a person who declared himself as an educated and religious person could go to this extent.

Describing Dua Malik as insensitive, she asked her that now they should not show their face to God. And why they have taken out their own meaning of religion. She wrote that the result of showing violence in dramas in a romantic way is now coming out.

Feroze Khan & Aliza Sulatan

It should be remembered that the pictures of Feroze Khan’s ex-wife Aliza Sultan’s torture went viral a few days ago, which she submitted to the court. Aliza Sultan presented the evidence of being tortured by Feroze Khan in the child extradition case. After which her pictures also went viral on social media.

After the pictures of Aliza’s torture went viral on social media, many showbiz personalities took Feroz Khan and demanded a ban on him. After many accusations were made by common people including showbiz personalities.

Feroze Khan also gave an explanation and declared the allegations of violence against his ex-wife as fabricated. And said that he should take legal action against the accusers.

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