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Feroze Khan once again under criticism that too from Shaniera Akram

Feroze Khan once again under criticism that too from Shaniera Akram

Shaniera Akram, the wife of former cricket star Wasim Akram, criticized actor Feroze Khan for ignoring road safety rules while driving a car with his little daughter on his lap.

Wasim Akram’s Australian wife Shaniera Akram expressed her anger on actor Feroze Khan and made it clear that children are not toys. But living human beings and they can also get hurt due to carelessness.

shaniera gave a brief response to the actor’s post and told Feroze Khan how dangerous it is for him to drive a car with his young daughter in his lap. A video of Feroze Khan taking his less than one year old daughter for a ride in a car was shared by his actress sister Humaima Malik in her Instagram story.

According to Shaniera Akram, although children are not understanding, they do not understand right and wrong. But their parents understand everything. Calling Feroze Prince, she wrote that suppose a car running at a speed of thirty kilometers per hour collides with your car. Then your daughter will jump from your lap and fall on the bonnet and she will suffer serious injuries.

Shanira Akram wrote that Feroze Khan is a famous person and doing this on his behalf is dangerous for his fans as well. Because they will do the same after seeing them doing this. Shaniera wrote that there is no justification for her to criticize Feroze Khan. But she cannot ignore such a dangerous act.

Therefore, she wants to send a message to all parents that they should not drive their children in their arms. They should seat the children in the back seat and fasten their belts.

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