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Feroze Khan offers out of court settlement to Aliza Sultan

Feroze Khan offers out of court settlement to Aliza Sultan


After the divorce, the possibility of an out-of-court settlement has arisen between the well-known actor Feroze Khan and his wife. Who filed cases against each other in the Guardian Court for the expenses of the children and their handover.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer said that the actor has offered his ex-wife to settle matters outside the court. The results of which are positive. The video of Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan’s lawyers talking to the media is going viral on social media. In which both can be seen informing the media about the case.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer says that the actor has offered to settle the matter outside the court. After which the case can be finished in one or two hearings.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer said that we will offer some money. If they tell something, then the cases of non-prescription of children will be settled with mutual consent. The lawyer said that if Aliza Sultan agreed to this offer, then fine, otherwise the case in the court is going on as it is.

On the other hand, Aliza’s lawyer said that Feroze Khan’s children’s admission to the school has been stopped. School is going to start in the month of December. The father is not getting the admission of the children. Our demand from Feroze is that you should go to the school and get the admission of the children. Don’t give us money.

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Aliza’s lawyer said that the children’s education and non-maintenance expenses are being done by the mother and her family. Which is the responsibility of Feroze Khan.

It should be remembered that Aliza Sultan has filed a request to give two lakh rupees per month for the expenses of the children. While Feroze Khan has refused to pay this amount and said that he can pay only forty thousand rupees per month for both children.

It should be noted that Feroze Khan has also filed the case of child extradition against Aliza. During the hearing held before November 1, Aliza Sultan had also submitted the police and medical reports of the torture on herself in the court and the photographs of the torture.

After which the pictures of his torture went viral and showbiz personalities demanded a ban on Feroze Khan. Feroze had rejected the allegations against him after the criticism of showbiz personalities.

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