Famous YouTuber Raza Samo got married

Finally the long wait of YouTube users and fans is over. Because social media star and actor Raza Samo have tied the knot. Raza has moved from Lahore to Karachi after marriage and will now make videos from there with his wife.

Famous YouTuber Raza Samo got married

Raza Ssmo has informed his fans about his transfer to Karachi in his YouTube videos. However, he did not provide any information to his fans about his bride-to-be.

The YouTuber started talking about her wedding in videos in early September and also made wedding shopping videos. However, on November 21, he confirmed the marriage by sharing a short video with his bride Mona.

Famous YouTuber Raza Samo got married


Before sharing the wedding video on YouTube, he confirmed the marriage on Instagram and also shared the wedding photos. Showbiz personalities including well-known social media stars also congratulated him.

On the occasion of the wedding, Raza Samo wore a traditional turban and chose a white dress. While the bride wore a traditional red wedding dress. After the wedding, the bride Mona also shared pictures on Instagram. On which the fans congratulated him.


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In the video shared on YouTube after the wedding, Raza Samo and his bride Mona also told the story of falling in love with each other and getting married. Raza Samo’s bride said that in the year 2020. She saw Raza Samo’s Facebook page during the Corona lock down and she kept looking at it.

Famous YouTuber Raza Samo got married

Before that, she had watched some other videos of Raza. But after watching his videos during the Corona lockdown. She fell in love with him. Mona said that later she made a portrait of Raza and delivered it to her with the help of her friend.

Thus, she became friends with Raza Samo’s sister. Mona admitted that by this time Raza Samo was starting to like her. But he did not express his love to the YouTuber.

Raza said that one day his sister sent Mona’s picture to him on WhatsApp and asked him to marry her. The YouTuber said that he first made fun of the sister’s words. But then when he saw Mona’s picture again and again carefully, he started to like her.

Raza Samo

Raza Samo said that after some time, he messaged Mona on social media asking if we should get married. Mona said that after receiving Raza Samo’s marriage message. She was stunned and could not believe that she was actually reading Raza’s message.

Raza said that his bride belongs to Hyderabad and he is shifting to Karachi after marriage and will work from there. Both also said that now they will make videos and vlogs together in the future.

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