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Famous Pakistani Singer Ali Zafar Breaks Into Tears But Why?

Ali Zafar cried in front of his fans but why? Let’s know the real reason.

Recently, Pakistan’s famous actor and singer Ali Zafar shared a video on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, in which it can be seen that Ali Zafar has tears in his eyes. And during this time a song is also playing “Rote Rote Hansna Seekho”.

While tears are also flowing from Ali Zafar’s eyes. While watching the video, it is felt that Ali Zafar could not control his emotions.

On the other hand, the fans were worried about Ali Zafar’s crying that what is all this? Or Ali Zafar is going to tell some bad news. But it was all a joke.


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Actor and singer Ali Zafar wrote in the caption of his same video that even a man can cry. Ali Zafar’s crying was actually cutting an onion. Due to which Ali Zafar had tears in his eyes.

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