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Daraar Drama – Review, Cast & Story

Actor Syed Jibran, who has made a name for himself in the Pakistani drama industry due to his negative roles, is currently appearing in the drama serial Daraar. Jibran is playing the role of such a man in the play. Who has many girlfriends and believes in illicit relationships. But this aspect of his personality is hidden in the society.

Daraar Writer & Director

The drama has been written by Misbah Nosheen. While Sheharzade Shaikh has directed.

Daraar Cast

Along with Jibran, Momal Sheikh, Amar Khan, Umar Khan, Behroz Sabzwari, Shaheen Khan, Sabiha Hashmi, Sami Pasha, Hamza Tariq and others are participating in this play.

Daraar Story

Syed Jibran is playing the role of Shaheer Ahmed in the drama called Daraar. Who is an MBBS doctor in real life. But during his education, he got fond of acting. In the play, Shaheer Ahmed is a well-mannered and successful business man.

Who falls in love with a girl named Irha. Later when Irha’s cousin Sajal meets her. So he gets attracted towards her. And then he starts making love with her.

Talking about the drama, Jibran said that his role is very good. In fact, our stories evolve in such a way that they are suited to the character. Now the traditional hero-heroine and villain situation is less. For me, this drama was a wonderful experience. When I read the script, I knew that I am going to play a great role in the play.

Narrating the story Daraar Syed Jibran says that men who have illicit relationships with many women are not sincere with their relationships and never weed his wife.

But in Daraar drama, such a man is shown who is a perfect husband, ideal son-in-law, great brother, but despite this, he also has illicit relations with women.

He is so cruel that the image he has made of himself in front of the world is that of perfection, but the vices and weaknesses in his character are there in their place.

According to Jibran, Shaheer Ahmed is a realistic person and whenever Sajjal asks him for marriage. So he says, “Do you want to marry your girl friend and become his wife?” That means her love is also based on a logic.

Jibran has played negative roles in many projects of his career. He says that he takes such roles himself because people remember mostly negative roles. He said that people always remember temptation and do not remember nobility.

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