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Big success for Feroze Khan in child extradition case

The legal battle between famous actor Feroze Khan and his ex-wife Aliza Sultan for the handover of children is still going on. But the court has given legal permission to Feroze Khan to visit the children twice a month.

Big success for Feroze Khan in child extradition case

Feroze and his ex-wife Alizah confirmed their divorce on September 21, 2022. Alizeh accused her ex-husband of domestic violence while getting a divorce.

Later Feroze also confirmed the divorce and said that they were divorced in September 2021. The world came to know about it a year later.

Feroze filed a case in the family court of Karachi on December 19 for the extradition of the children. On which hearings are ongoing. The hearing of the child extradition case was held on October 20. Actor Feroze Khan appeared in court along with lawyers, while Aliza could not appear.

Big success for Feroze Khan in child extradition case

So, during the hearing of the case, the court allowed Feroze Khan to meet the children twice a month. He will be able to meet the children in the court premises in the first and third week of every month.

At the time of the meeting Feroze Khan will have to submit his identity card and visa to the court and after the meeting, he will be able to take back his documents. It should be remembered that the age of Feroze Khan’s daughter Fatima is seven months, while the age of son Sultan is a little more than three years.

But legal experts say that the actor will not be able to get the extradition of the children. Because the children are still very young. After the hearing of the case was adjourned until November next month, Aliza’s lawyer said that he has presented the evidence of torture on his ex-wife by Feroze in the court.

While they have not yet found evidence of violence against children. Earlier this case was heard on October 6. In which both parties made serious accusations against each other.

However, Feroze Khan had said in the court that Aliza was his wife. It will be better if their past life is not thrown into it. During the hearing, Feroze Khan’s lawyers told the court that Aliza’s mental balance was not right, on which she and her mother cried in the court room.


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During the hearing in the beginning of October, there was repetition in both parties regarding the expenses and non-maintenance of the children. Aliza Sultan demanded one lakh rupees for the expenses of the children. While the actor sent twenty thousand rupees for the expenses of the children, which was refused.

Let us tell everyone that both of them got married in March 2018. Their first child was born in May 2019. While their second child was born in the beginning of 2022.

After the birth of a child, the news of the end of their differences came to light. Before this, there were rumors of separation and differences between the two.

But both never talked about such rumours. After the divorce was confirmed by both of them, their fans in the showbiz personalities expressed their regret and expressed good wishes for both of them.

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