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Atiqa Odho was cast in a Turkish drama ‘Koyu Beyaz’

Atiqa Odho was cast in a Turkish drama 'Koyu Beyaz'

Actress Atiqa Odho who has made a name for herself in the Pakistani drama industry with her excellent technical skills, will be seen acting in foreign dramas as well. The actress will soon make her debut in the foreign showbiz industry by acting in the Turkish drama Koyu Beyaz.

Turkish plays are very popular in Pakistan. After Ertuğl Ghazi and Kurals Usman, the number of viewers of Turkish content in Pakistan has reached a new height.

Now a Turkish-style drama is being made in Pakistan as well. Pakistani actors have also started making entries in Turkish dramas. Along with Atiqa Odo, famous Turkish actors Nisa Bölükbaşı Atakan Hoşgören, Atabiq Mohsin, and Ebru Akel will work on the set of Koyu Beyaz.

While sharing a post made by a Turkish production company on Instagram, Atiqa told her fans that she has become a part of an international project and her dramas will be aired soon.

This drama will be aired on TRT digital screens. And it is directed by Bulent Isbilen. According to the casting list, TV host Tauseef Haider will also play a role in the Turkish drama.

It should be noted that actress Atiqa Odho has married three times. Before her third marriage with Samar Ali Khan. She had two marriages which ended in divorce. She started acting in plays after the failure of her first marriage in nineteen eighty.

Before that she worked as a make-up artist and on Stylish Pakistan Television. In an interview in the past, she had also talked about his marriages. She told that after the failure of the first marriage, she married the second one of his own free will.

But by coincidence, she could not succeed either. Both their marriages ended in divorce. Atiqa said that she did all the marriages out of choice. Because of her commitment to a relationship like marriage. After two failures, she married for the third time in 2012 at an advanced age and managed it successfully.

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