Actress Srha Asghar Blessed With Baby Boy

Actress Srha Asghar Blessed With Baby Boy


Srah Asghar has become the mother of the first child. Srah Asghar is one of the super talented actresses of Pakistan. Who is known for her beauty, sweet smile and excellent acting.

Srah Asghar was married to her close friend Lala Umar on December 20, 2020. After marriage, she had distanced herself from the showbiz industry.

At the beginning of this year, she announced the good news of her pregnancy. After which she also had a photo shoot during her pregnancy. The pictures of which also went viral.

Yesterday, Srah Asghar announced the news of the birth of a son by sharing a picture through Instagram story. In which she said that Alhamdulillah our little champ is in our arms.

Actress Srha Asghar Blessed With Baby Boy

Along with congratulating Srah Asghar on behalf of her fans and fellow actors. They are also praying for the recovery of her son.

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